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For most early self-described cyberfeminists, including psychologist Sherry Turkle, internet technology itself was key to liberation because it allowed bodilessness and facilitated the creation of new and radical identities.
a clean shirt fresh from the clothesline where it reveals its bodilessness, free of chest and armpits chalked with deodorant, deeper than appearance, deeper than lungs and heart the size of a summer lemon.
Poised between insanity and the afterlife, Symphony is ever more intriguing when one considers the neuropsychiatric disorder known as Cotard's syndrome, of which the symptoms are general feelings of unreality, bodilessness, nonexistence: a fit description of the work.
It is a reality far removed from the bodilessness of a musical note, focused as it is in the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, and pointing upward.
More significantly, like Tristram in this scene, the butterflies vanish; their elusive delicacy reflects his odd bodilessness in this "sylvan scene of unpretending enjoyment" (Letters, 4:239).
His verse aims to underplay (though not cancel out) the sense of gold as wealth; instead, gold is taken in a symbolic, even ethereal sense in that Morocco seeks to leave behind the worldly world of money (angel-coins) and translate himself to the heavens in order to be in the company of angels whose bodilessness frees them from the dyer's hand, as it were, from the techne of being "grav'd" and "insculp'd.
Yaeger describes the female/male binary with this quality in mind: "First, if somatophobia, or fear of the body's fleshliness and mutability, characterizes our conflicts with women's bodies, then asomia, or bodilessness, characterizes our way of describing and thinking about the father .
Such a dynamic is intrinsic to the larger movements of the play, which consistently stage tensions between containment and diffusion, between an earthly boundedness and a spiritual bodilessness, and between the contained subject and the subject open to affect, memory, and its accompanying pain.
Not surprisingly, Faulkner draws his reader's attention to the bodilessness of the spiritual characters throughout the novel, the very bodilessness that is a prerequisite for obtaining non-ideological Knowledge.
Something else is going on too--having to do with souls, bodilessness, redemption.
Given her desire to move toward Neil, Natalia's sexual transport thus involves a drive toward bodilessness, the transmutation of something solid into intense running currents of energy: She tells David of her ecstasy after she "excited [her]self more": "I wanted to get out of my body.
As if the "I" had been at play and now, suddenly, recognizes the horror of its own bodilessness, the scream marks the reversal from spectral to real voice.