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The eschatological future may be rightly said to diffuse new being from Christ's risen bodiliness to the whole transfigured cosmos.
6) For a defense of the premise of bodiliness and polemic against Cartesian dualism see Brugger, "Dualism, Bodiliness and the Self: Incompatible Bedfellows," New Oxford Review, vol.
40) This focus on the body rather than the spirit situates both Jews and women as appropriate vehicles to explore the issues of bodiliness and bodily integrity investigated in these tales.
Enacting an understanding of language, and more particularly of translation, that is inseparable, as we have seen, from the organs and fluids of mourning--mouths, hands, eyes, tears, blood--this may seem to be a shift to the bodiliness explicitly gendered as female.
First, even granting our bodiliness, we have no reason to think that genetic engineering will undermine our sense of autonomy any more than so-called natural processes that are outside of our control do.
Cleanliness also amplifies her superlative bodiliness as a spirit, and this I think is an effect of QANG's own idealising orientation towards her.
Doubtless pain resists language, its insistent bodiliness finding no easy, direct representation in words.
Unafraid, like Missy Elliott, of asserting female bodiliness, Hartigan has the female body become speaker, speech act and subject.
Dialogue, in this sense, includes communication through speech, bodiliness, art, fantasy and other media which are used for the purpose of creating a shared intersubjective world.
But bodiliness and limitation are part of what it means to be human.