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The eschatological future may be rightly said to diffuse new being from Christ's risen bodiliness to the whole transfigured cosmos.
Kevin O'Regan outlines four qualities of sensorimotor interactions with environments that are not reducible either to thoughts and imaginings or to the physical properties of things: richness (a scene spied provides infinite detail beyond what you can invent), bodiliness (the motions of the body affect sensory input), insubordinateness (the world has a life of its own; things move by themselves), and grabbiness (sensory impacts matter apart from their cognition).
The apparent exaltation of the body can quickly turn into a hatred of bodiliness. (48.) "Yet we have also seen that the way to attain this goal is not simply by submitting to instinct.
century the attention to Mary's bodiliness, particularly her
If there is such a link, could it be the voracious bodiliness Woolf attributed to both Jews and Nazis?
There is just something about foowashing that is off-putting, now as then, it seems, in its incarnate bodiliness.
(19) Or as he also puts it: "It makes it's bodiliness to its own object." (20) Yet this eventually moves the organic system to turn outside of itself.
Similarly 'bodiliness' expresses the character of the body as referring to the whole man.
Our attempt is to show ritual hermeneutics as the bodiliness of understanding in terms of interpretation organized with the emptiness of symbolic meanings.
For someone later revered as a spiritual savior, Jesus' ministry showed a profound connection with bodiliness and the earth.
"Social body and embodied subject: bodiliness, subjectivity and sociability among the Kayapo".
again that their bodiliness reaches the metaphysical