bodily existence

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It would not be true to say I had a shock, but an irresistible doubt of his bodily existence flitted through my mind.
Imagery of swampy marshes and rivers predominate this canto, and their fluidity symbolizes the instability of bodily existence.
Maccheroni's series of Christs, from 1985 to 1995, are interspersed with short, almost epigrammatic texts in which Louis-Combet's first-person narrator reflects on the name he has been forced to bear and upon his ambivalent bodily existence, endlessly morphing between male and female.
Arguing from the fundamental principle that "the single purpose of human life, including bodily existence, is to glorify God," he asserts:
Christian's conclusion that the novel can be read in the context of African cosmology, that body and mind must not be split, begins to explore just one aspect of the complex construction of bodily existence in this novel.
The only thing that makes it unique is the fact that its members chose to abandon their bodily existence here on Earth as a group.
We vividly understand a human and animal self's involvement in the throes of worldly, bodily existence and its endeavors to survive and to thrive as an integral bodily, experiencing, and active being.
The historical bodily existence of Jesus is subsumed into the historical particularity of the church.
But (at least) some rational operations are materially inexplicable, and thus human nature is essentially independent of bodily existence (though not identity) and possibly immortal.
He who submits properly to the encounter with beauty will be given the sight and taste not of a fulfillment but of a promise-a promise that, in our bodily existence, can never be fulfilled.
While white women's sentimentalism offers self-abnegation as a means of transcending the worldliness and transience of bodily existence, Hopkins's world view retains a vital commitment to personal and social lived experience.
To weave together adequately and coherently the fundamental principles of the self--concrete individuality, dynamic activity, and world-relatedness--we must take seriously the fact that we are natural, biological organisms and that our "selves" are intimately and essentially tied up with organic, bodily existence.