bodily existence

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It would not be true to say I had a shock, but an irresistible doubt of his bodily existence flitted through my mind.
God, in assuming full life in the flesh and the total spectrum of vulnerability that entails, affirms the goodness of our bodily existence.
State-sponsored monumentality is satirized, but the physicality of the artwork is maintained, though intrinsically bound to the bodily existence of the artists (who also shared a romantic relationship and a child), for whom work, home life, artmaking, and living gave rise to an all-encompassing practice that included archive production, object installations, and actions.
Such portrayals of the healthy Black self in early Black print culture created a nineteenth-century politics of well-being that spanned continents, and even in conditions of painful labor, severely limited resources, and physical and mental brutality, these writers counter stereotypes and circumstances by representing and claiming the totality of bodily existence.
This very rare and unique collection of utterances are spoken direct from Source, from a true Master, one who has transcended the limitations of bodily existence.
The resource person said, "Friends, for bodily existence and development, both energy and protein are required-energy for activities, and protein for growth and maintenance of the body.
But the beings have no need of the message, since they long transcended bodily existence, and, therefore, sin.
Doing so involves a reconsideration of the temporality of writing: the act of writing is inscribed, she suggests, with the author's awareness of his or her own death as an approaching event that will affect not only bodily existence but theoretical influence.
But that status rests on the solid foundation of poetry which emphasises the importance of our bodily existence, the material nature of language, and the importance of play in freeing the imagination - qualities which enabled him to invoke poetry's most archaic roots, and to anticipate our own electronic age.
Discovering its absolute and hidden life, the reflecting human being "acquires more of this life and hence becomes 'more absolute' while at the same time never leaving the relativity of the situated bodily existence in the lifeworld.
Second, our bodily existence requires a dependency.
Newton states that Robbe-Grillet's fictional and filmic universe is centered upon bodily existence.