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I was desperate to get home, not that the treatment in Poland was bad,' said Robson, 'but I wasn't keen on the food and the body cast was so uncomfortable.
After he endured a channel crossing to a hospital in southern England, the doctors decided he would live and constructed a full body cast to stabilize his position and avoid further injury.
Especially when, as a painfully shy youngster, she spent years in a body cast to correct a spinal disorder.
In Tortuga (1979), a boy encased in a body cast stays at a hospital for paralyzed children.
The life-size plaster body cast sculpture of her own body had no face, was tied on the ankles and wrists, and was entitled "10 Years in Bed.
One priest, James Porter, is accused of abusing perhaps 100 victims in three states--including a boy in a full body cast who couldn't move to resist.
Miller, 40, had his body cast in silicone and then dressed it in his own clothes for the sculpture, called Self-portrait As A Drowned Man.
London, Aug 26 (ANI): A Brit girl, who earned the nickname Human Tortoise for the body cast she had to wear, has finally been able to get rid of it after 12 years.
A SCHOOLGIRL nicknamed the Human Tortoise has finally come out of her shell - after 12 years in a body cast.
She was taken to the PDSA PetAid hospital in Bradford, where she spent 40 days in a full body cast to allow her spine to heal.