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When she was 15 years old, she spent three months in a full body cast after being hit by a drunk driver.
However Robson will have to wear a plaster body cast - currently from his armpits down below his stomach - for a couple of months.
nJockey Mike Smith, injured in a spill at Saratoga on August 31, has had his body cast removed and now wears a brace.
She also had a full body cast to correct the spinal disorder, scoliosis, and was teased so badly that she left school at 16.
Especially when, as a painfully shy youngster, she spent years in a body cast to correct a spinal disorder.
Unable to move, he nearly bled to death on the battlefield and was shipped back to Kansas in a body cast on which, his mother would discover, other GIs used to stub out their cigarettes.
To commence our recently announced $2,500,000/royalty joint venture with Basic Research (Salt Lake City, Utah), Endovasc is starting a pilot experiment to study the recruitment and mobilization of stem cells using Angiogenix in rehabilitation regimens directed toward recovery after accidents, stokes, or broken limbs that have atrophied due to body cast, hospitalization and long term lack of exercise or physical activity.
The 27-year-old, who won a London 20S 12 Olympic bronze medal, was presented with a body cast sculpture at the Museum of Liverpool.
A visit to Leeds General Infirmary this week confirmed Amelie will need two more operations to fix her hips starting this December, meaning the sprightly youngster will be spending Christmas in another body cast.
Fudge made a complete recovery after being put in a full body cast at veterinary charity the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals.
He seemed to think I would fit the body cast he'd made for the creature he wanted me to play.
Although out of the full body cast she had to wear for the trip from Romania to Birmingham, Louise has been told she must remain flat on her back in hospital for two weeks.