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Descriptive Statistics of Demographic and Anthropometric Indices in Patients Undergoing Dialysis Mean SD N Age 48.03 11.81 30 Height 162.00 9.79 30 Weight 54.51 12.72 30 Body mass index 20.75 4.07 30 MUAC 23.08 3.80 30 Waist circumference 81.07 12.28 30 Hip circumference 86.83 9.97 30 Waist-hip ratio 0.93 0.07 30 Body fat 22.27 9.00 30 Table 2.
Effect of body mass index on outcomes after cardiac surgery: is there an obesity paradox?
ANOVA and Post-hoc analysis showed significant mean differences of VO2 max with the body mass index in all the three groups (p <0.05) as in Table-2.
Relationship between blood pressure and body mass index in lean populations.
Birth weight was related to maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index and pregnancy weight gain.
Body mass index (BMI) was calculated by using the formula ' BMI = Weight (kgs) / Height (m2), while waist to hip ratio (WHR) was calculated by the formula ' WHR = Waist girth/Hip girth.
Association of high blood pressure with body mass index, smoking and physical activity in healthy young adults.
PREGNANT women with a body mass index of 30 or more following childbirth should be offered a structured weight loss programme, says the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.
This study aimed to analyze the effects of age, family income, body mass index, and dance practice on levels of body dissatisfaction and self-esteem in female students.
After women with a prepregnancy body mass index above the mean of 24.1 were excluded, risk factors for exacerbation included a first-trimester weight gain greater than 5 kg (OR, 13.1).