body of judges

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The Supreme Judicial Council - a body of judges empowered under Article 209 of the Constitution to hear cases of misconduct against judges - heard the reference against Justice Irfan.
"The body of judges is the group keenest to declare their assets," he said.
The council is a 21-member body of judges, lawmakers, lawyers and other stakeholders in the legal system.
Here is an alternative: let a body of judges and lawyers try any judge accused of impropriety in open court, hearing all evidence, with media reporting.
Boda divides the body of Judges into two parts, based on the means by which the word of Yhwh is revealed: whether through a divinely sanctioned "prophet/man of God or a messenger figure" in 2:6-16:31, or in response to the people's inquiry, through a word whose "authenticity and clarity ...
The SJC is a constitutional body of judges empowered under Article 209 of the Constitution to hear cases of misconduct against the top judges and it comprises the Chief Justice of Pakistan and two senior-most judges of the Supreme Court and two senior-most chief justices of the high courts.The SJC will meet to take up complaints of alleged misconduct against Justice Mazhar Ali Akbar Naqvi and Justice Shahid Hameed Dar of the LHC.
The 2010 public referendum, approved in a landslide victory, has really contributed to diversity and pluralism in this administrative body of judges and prosecutors.
Parliament has the right to present an address to the President, but for the Parliament's right to address to the President, it must only act upon a judicial findings by a body of judges as happens in India or Australia or in any other Commonwealth countries, but Parliamentary Select Committee cannot come to a finding and Parliament cannot act on the basis of the findings of a Parliamentary Select Committee.
The country's highest body of judges, the Supreme Judicial Council, called his decrees an 'unprecedented assault'.
NNA - June 23, 2012-Minister of Justice Shakeeb Qurtbawi, disclosed having nominated candidates to the Supreme Judicial Council; the nation's highest judicial body of judges, as stipulated under the Lebanese Constitution.
The above accusations were levelled by the Judicial Council of England and Wales, the body of judges that advises the Lord Chief Justice on judicial matters.
The appeal was dismissed by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal, a judicial body of judges and industry experts.