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The ABPMP, in particular, has been active in developing and publishing a BPM Common Body of Knowledge.
There is an EMCI Body of Knowledge Committee that oversees and updates the content.
The report is sectioned into five chapters: introduction; body of knowledge (incorporating knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for entry into professional practice); fulfilling the body of knowledge; guidance for faculty, students, engineer interns, and practitioners; and the next steps.
Through a literature review the paper demonstrates the ability of the project management processes and body of knowledge to provide a modified management structure to theevent management field.
Emergency medicine has developed as a specialty over the last three decades to include a formal body of knowledge and training programs devoted to the appropriate education required to instill that knowledge.
It is the intellectual capital and body of knowledge that provides the foundation for CPA-related privacy efforts.
Symbolically tied to the feminine, it has become a medium of dialogue between men and women, who can now recognize each other through the exchange of a body of knowledge that had been synonymous with their separation--a new encounter between the sexes.
If we are aiming at a science molded in the crucible of Islam, we need to approach science as a theoretical construct with four components: a body of knowledge, basic premises, methods of study and goals, all of which must be fully informed by the domain of iman and understood at the level of ihsan.
CISSP certification was designed to recognize mastery of an international standard for information security professionals and their understanding of the 10 domains of the (ISC)2 Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) in forming security policies, standards and procedures.
Given the growing body of knowledge about animal intelligence, culture and social systems, the right choice here is to not use power selfishly simply because we can.
Profess that in order for standards to take root and have an impact on educational practice, they must be applied to a fairly static body of knowledge.