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It emphasizes that the preparation of future civil engineers and the fulfillment of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge must include both formal education and mentored experience, especially early career experience that progresses with increasing complexity, quality, and responsibility.
| The Government should arrange for a review of the criminal law to ensure that it provides a range of criminal offences that reflect the body of knowledge about sexual exploitation, more effectively address the behaviour and involvement of perpetrators and does not through terminology cause distress to victims.
The fundamental change that has occurred in education is that children are now being exposed to prescribed learning experiences and a body of knowledge that ultimately defines safety, well-being and happiness at individual level and for the society.
Finally, training providers are then required to test the comprehension level of the full Body of Knowledge for each of their students' respective programs.
The award promotes the efforts of those who significantly advance the body of knowledge needed for success in the field of protective coatings and their application.
These findings add to a growing body of knowledge that highlights the necessity of incorporating land use changes into climate change models.
Last year, the group began assembling the body of knowledge that physicians need to be experts in obesity.
To oversimplify, scientists think of science both as a process for discovering properties of nature and as the resulting body of knowledge, whereas most people seem to think of science, or perhaps scientists, as an authority that provides some information--just one more story among the many that they use to help make sense of their world."
This Body of Knowledge is the framework for the engineering management certification exam, which tests candidates on their understanding of the sources of management knowledge and on the depth of their professional experience.
The report examines the ways in which same-sex desire and behaviour have been simultaneously erased and criminalised in Africa and looks at the small, but important body of knowledge regarding same-sex transmission of HIV on the continent.
The updates and revisions were performed to include the most recent Six Sigma techniques and to match the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge. The appendices section has been significantly expanded to include: the 2001 Body of Knowledge, redeveloped statistical tables using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Minitab 15, a table for control constants expanded to include virtually all control constants, additional alpha values in tables, a second glossary of the most frequently used Japanese terms used by quality and Six Sigma professionals, and additional features.