body of law

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She added: "A question the Holy See must answer is why it believes it can credibly disseminate to the world at large the principles of a treaty it has ratified but refuses to implement within its own jurisdiction, particularly when that jurisdiction operates a body of law and principles which directly impact the lives and rights of over 300 million children.
But it will do so by giving government ministers socalled Henry VIII powers, allowing them to make changes to this huge body of law without parliamentary debate.
In the past two decades a vast and complex body of law and practice has developed to address this challenge.
The lightly edited cases and notes in this first-year law textbook aim to demonstrate how the substance of a body of law like torts is influenced by rules of procedure.
Scope of quantity or scope: The agreement shall be valid for 2 releases of body of law with an option for 1 + 1 issue of legal code.
He will be punished if he is found to be guilty by a competent authority or body of law," he said.
The study's authors say it would be appropriate to create a body of law at EU level for urban public transport.
If there is a body of law on war in Islamic sources, does it have any relevance?
While the name GINA might sound like that of a coworker, it is actually an acronym for the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, a body of law that protects employees and candidates against discrimination in employment and harassment in the workplace.
For many Muslims it is enough that this body of law stems from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) - and that God and His Messenger know best how people should live.
The body of law covers limited liability companies, partnerships and joint stock companies.
There has long been a body of law to penalise drunken or disorderly behaviour in public.