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International humanitarian law is part of international law, which is the body of rules governing relations between states.
The DIFC Courts have published a revised body of rules governing court procedures, including important changes affecting document production and pro bono litigants.
A UN covenant on the right to water would serve as a common, coherent body of rules for all nations, rich and poor, and clarify that it is the responsibility of the state to provide sufficient, safe, accessible and affordable water to all of its citizens.
In effect, in mature organizations "the system" becomes a formalized body of rules and regulations implemented to thwart change and protect the status quo.
Specifically, international law (the body of rules that the UN Security Council was presumably intent on respecting when it passed resolution 1500) contains the 1907 Hague "Convention Respecting The Laws And Customs of War on Land.
Karen De Coster: As a corporate finance person, this massive body of rules and regulations touches every aspect of my job, including that which seems irrelevant to the big picture, and barely stops short of making me keep Excel spreadsheets of my daily toilet paper use at the office and having the CFO sign off on the roll.
What the constitutional treaty will do is pull together the body of rules accumulated in various amending agreements since 1958 and make changes in the EU institutions and voting weights that are necessary to facilitate the operation of the union that has grown from six to 15 member states and next Saturday will grow to 25 member states.
The regulations will largely rescind the body of rules published by the government in September 1996 and April 1998 under previous versions of the law.
The exchange and settlement of electronic payments in the United States are governed by a central body of rules - the National Automated Clearing House Association operating rules - with which the approximately 20,000 financial institutions in the network must comply, regardless of size.
This is partly a function owing to the IRS's generally viewing LLCs as partnerships for tax purposes and, hence, its opinion that the established body of rules applicable to partnership compliance are largely applicable to LLCs.
Maybe a European regulation of (some aspects of) sale or tort law could be anticipated, but a systematic body of rules on lease of movables, donation or transfer of movables was hardly foreseeable.