body politic

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BODY POLITIC, government, corporations. When applied to the government this phrase signifies the state.
     2. As to the persons who compose the body politic, they take collectively the name, of people, or nation; and individually they are citizens, when considered in relation to their political rights, and subjects as being submitted to the laws of the state.
     3. When it refers to corporations, the term body politic means that the members of such corporations shall be considered as an artificial person.

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Objectively speaking, even though there have been defections from the Syrian ruling elite, the main corps of the body politic is still loyal to Assad and is aligned behind him," the analyst said.
In what follows I will sketch out the notions of body politic and political affect, and assess the Hurricane Katrina case study.
20 (ANI): US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton has hinted that corruption could be the main reason behind the world's slow response in giving aid to flood-hit Pakistan, and called it a 'cancer that eats away the body politic and diverts resources from where they were intended'.
As the results were declared, all through the night I found my enthusiasm for the body politic rekindled - the closest General Election in generations gripped me with fascination as it soon became obvious that much of the speculation, rumour and gossip of the campaign was not to be borne out by the reality of the results.
com/tag/farouk-al-kaddoumi/), when listening to the current PLO leader of the PLO and the Secretary General of Al-Fath (Al-Fatah), Mahmud Abbas, making the closing statement of the Sixth Conference of Al-Fath, the leading body politic in the now fragile PLO.
However, if the body politic is re-energised now to actively vote for a new breed of people's representatives, this would be a revolution indeed.
WHILST the fully justified apoplectic reaction of all decent people to the self serving, immoral, deceitful body politic whose moral compass we rely to oversee our lives continues unabated, two names seem to be escaping the opprobrium.
The majority report not only threatened Moses personally but also represented a serious schism within the body politic of the people of Israel.
His concern throughout is with political liberalism's response to pluralism, a response he characterizes as an effort to "manage" (12) political discourse in order to avoid a fractured body politic.
From May 29 to June 16, BARD COLLEGE will host Dance Across Borders 2007: The Body Politic.
But even if the New Anger remains a permanent part of our political discourse, I wouldn't be much alarmed: it's loud and it's nasty, but it really is the sound of democracy, working its way through the body politic.
Unfortunately, the place of the dead in the male body politic is less clear.