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For example, exposure of an entire leg accounts for 18 percent of the patient's total body surface, vulnerable to cutaneous heat loss when not treated with preventive measures.
I would say the moderate psoriasis group defined by 5%-10% psoriasis-involved body surface area represents a gray area in our treatment.
In all cases, the 3D simulation of the body surface provided a visual reference of the final facial appearance.
They said, Our findings are not only useful for body surface evaluation but also for effective evaluation of AR technology in the field of plastic surgery.
Severity was assessed according to the Physician's Global Assessment and body surface area measurements Data were analyzed through SPSS version 17.
Between 11-15 years of age weight and body surface area were significantly larger in the controls compared to the HbSS patients (pless than 0.
This poses a problem for larger climbing species because, when they are bigger and heavier, they need more sticking power to be able to adhere to vertical or inverted surfaces, but they have comparatively less body surface available to cover with sticky footpads.
Effect of oral olive oil on healing of 10-20% total body surface area burn wounds in hospitalized patients.
In our study, average total body surface area burnt in case of scald burns was 20% and that of flame burns was 85%.
where T is the body surface temperature to be solved; [q.
Body surface area prediction in normal-weight and obese patients.
Weight and height were measured using height and weight machine (RGZ-160) to calculate body surface area using formula.