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It said another cause of heat stroke is dehydration as dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough to dissipate heat, which also causes the body temperature to rise.
Panasonic's video shows how people's body temperature rose when they were told they are loved.
This high body temperature could be related with high environmental temperatures recorded during the study period.
It easily detects small changes in basic body temperature and keeps a health check on pregnancy.
The field study phase of the current study included examining thermo relationships for Echis pyramidum serpents at peack field activity by recording: Air temperature (Ta), Soil temperature (Ts), Body temperature (Tb) and Gender of serpents.
Much emphasis in conventional medicine is usually placed upon feverish conditions; however, a low body temperature can be a much more sinister condition.
Small changes in body temperature can send a powerful signal to the clocks in our bodies.
Average body temperature per day was significantly lower in restricted rats but body temperature range per day and motor activity were higher in restricted rats.
As thermoregulation reflects an individual\'s physiological balance, it is important to measure the body temperature correctly as part of routine nursing assessment.
There are differing levels of above-average body temperature, ranging from a mild to a severe fever.
In his words, the man who died on Sunday has been hospitalized with 20 degrees Celsius body temperature and has been in conditions, which was not able to improve.
TM] System, which wirelessly monitors body temperature by sending warning signals if the individual's temperature goes above or below a pre-determined threshold, and the Shafer Medical Devices' Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad that keeps body temperature at a safe level.