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Then the bears reduced shivering until their body temperature again fell to about 30 degrees Celsius, and the cycle began again.
After multivariate analysis, patients with body temperatures below 36[degrees] had significantly higher mortality, both in hospital (adjusted risk ratio, 1.
Researchers have known for decades that core body temperature plays a vital role in sleep patterns for menopausal women and the elderly, but only recently have they discovered a mild drop in body temperatures helps lull everyone to sleep.
The study documented reliable core body temperature increases for the first time in Tibetan nuns practising g-tummo meditation.
Although Uhthoff's phenomenon has been recognized for a long time, there had not been any way to measure its severity or its relationship to body temperature.
Our blood carries this warmth around the body, helping to raise out overall body temperature.
Homeostasis and circadian rhythmicity in the control of body temperature.
The thermoneutral zone--the body temperature range within which peripheral vasodilation, sweating, and shivering don't occur--is zero in susceptible women, rather than the normal 0.
In some people with MS (myself included), just a few breaths on a hot summer day can cause big functional impairment--long before there is an increase in body temperature that would show up on a conventional thermometer.
If eating helps people sleep, Zammit thinks it's because body temperature rises after a meal.
However, natural defense mechanisms to maintain a steady temperature can make it difficult to lower body temperature in anaesthetized patients.