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Almost all swimsuits are a good fit but to really work your body type, find ways that add curves to your chest and hips areas.
The combination of these energies define the three major body types -- Vata [space and air], Pitta [fire] and Kapha [earth and water].
Certain foods are better for each body type but foods that are universally good are yellow lentils, asparagus and basmati rice.
In the second of this three-part series looking at the three different body types we are taking a look at the ectomorphic:
The study will also look at the relationship between a person's ability to repair DNA and their body type or genetic make-up.
It can depend on blood type, body type, age, prior intestinal surgery, a history of not being breastfed as a child, medications that are being taken, and increased stress.
They must possess the face, voice, skin color, body type, style, and/or behavior that defies or confounds easy profiling.
And experts now claim that we all lean towards a certain body type, so the best way to lose weight is to forget the fad diets and work with what nature gave you.
Sans serif faces like Helvetica and Anal can be effective for headlines but are not to be used for body type (NL/NL 11/15/92 "Still another authority says body text should be serif").
The first step of your cleansing regimen is to take a quiz to figure out your dosha, or body type.
Number of Malfunctions by Commercial GEO Satellite Body Type (1995 to April 2002)
Water body type Total size Amount assessed (% total)