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Pearson's correlation coefficients between all couple of live body weight and all morphological traits are depicted in Tables I, II and III, respectively.
Association between estimated and observed body weight: To determine the association between the observed and estimated BW, data on buffaloes of this experiment and those of Tariq et al.
"The findings suggest that avoiding or reducing PFAS exposure may help people maintain a stable body weight after they successfully lose some weight, especially for women."
Effects of Liraglutide on Daily Food Intake and Body Weight Changes in Mice following Treatment with or without PCPA for 3 Days.
The weight of the liver was positively correlated to body weight in both males and females at P < 0.05 (Table 2).
An examination of the main effects on DBP for weight indicated that there was no significant change in DBP as body weight increased from 40% to 60% to 85% to 100%.
Keywords: Atracurium, General anesthesia, Ideal body weight, Neuromuscular blockade.
The sex-wise results for birth weight and yearling body weight of Birbrik sheep was observed higher in male as compared to female, while season was higher birth weight and yearling body was observed higher in spring season as compared to the winter season.
?Maximizes strength - body weight movements use multiple muscle groups at once, therefore will help build overall body strength making you generally stronger and more efficient.
Some studies (12,24) have emphasized that athletes who practice sports characterized by the lightness of movements, flexibility, art of balance, and mastery of the body (such as artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, and figure skating) and sports that advocate low body weight and body fat percentage (e.g., cross-country running) present a greater prevalence of dissatisfaction with their body self-image and food restriction.
Performance: initial body weight (IBW), final body weight (FBW), variation in body weight per period (VBWP), variation in body weight per day (VBWD), and relative variation in body weight (VBWR);