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It is easy to find from Fig 3 that displacement of centre of body weight on different ordinate axis varies.
For each time point (parity), we used the Cochran-Armitage test to examine the association of sow cumulative culling rate with body weight at d 109 of gestation of parity 1.
All individual animals (age 13-18 months) were weighed for actual body weight.
Means, SDs, and coefficients of variation (measured as a percent) for 4 shell morphological traits and body weight of reciprocal hybrids are summarized in Table 1.
The mean body weight at the end of 6 months of treatment was still significantly lower than NC in the present study (p<0.
Our findings further support a role for estrogen in regulating body weight and energy expenditure, suggesting a benefit of estrogen supplementation in postmenopausal women.
Among, testicular characteristics, scrotal circumference and length, and testicular length and diameter, which are influenced by age, body weight and seasonal changes were considered to be indirect selection criteria for more genetic progress in fertility (Karakus et al.
Cook and his associates analyzed body weight change during the 1999-2000 winter quarter in 443 men and women aged 40-69 years with doubly labeled water data who participated in the National Cancer Institute-sponsored Observing Protein and Energy Nutrition (OPEN) study.
Here, we present an experiment that analyzed the effects of compensatory like growth on body weight and other growth traits in a 3x3 full diallel cross between three common carp strains (Su et al.
Drive Newton, KS); 2) running on LBPP treadmill (Alter-G[TM] #F320) at 85% of normal body weight (15% less than normal body weight); 3) running on LBPP treadmill at 60% of normal body weight (40% less than normal body weight); and 4) running on LBPP treadmill at 40% of normal body weight (60% less than normal body weight).
Results: There was a prolong duration of action in experimental group (real body weight group) 69.
It has been reported that birth weight and yearling body weight are major tools in the selection for future breeding plans and policies.