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Page's edition of the fragments of Boeotian Corinna's verse.
Actaeon In Greek mythology, son of the god Aristaeus and Autonoe (daughter of Cadmus, the founder of Thebes in Boeotia); he was a Boeotian hero and hunter.
Except in the matter of style; for the older generation accustomed to the courtesies of courtship are shocked by the Boeotian basics of the youngest generation.
I committed all the gates to memory, in their order, which did not cost me so much trouble as it would have done at the hundred-gated city, there being only five; nor were they so hard to remember as those seven of Boeotian Thebes; and, moreover, I thought that, if seven champions were enough against the latter, one would be enough against Quebec, though he bore for all armor and device only an umbrella and a bundle.
A battle had taken place between the women and Boeotian peasants, but the frenzied women, although victorious over the peasants, did not harm them.
Jealous of Nephele, Ino persuaded the Boeotian women secretly to parch the seed wheat, then caused a false oracle to be brought from Delphi: only the sacrifice of Phrixus and Helle would save the crops.
The Boeotian river, Asopus, prevents the Argive soldiers from advancing and they hesitate to cross it (7.424-29).
In 379 BC a group of Theban democrats overthrew their ruling oligarchs, who where puppets to Spartan overseers, and instituted the Boeotian confederate democracy which was free from the outside influence of other cities.
Mountjoy, Mycenaean Pottery from Orchomenos, Eutresis, and Other Boeotian Sites, Munich 1983.
By allowing the Muses to speak in their "own voice" and express their reaction to the situation in which they find themselves (that is, their reaction to the Boeotian shepherd they have just seen or encountered), Hesiod draws attention to their act of seeing, or focalization.
Thus additional Boeotian terracotta figurines capture a balding old man offering grapes to a young solitary girl, in a touching scene that suggests love for a grandchild--similar to a picture from a black-figure Attic vase that portrays a young boy learning the craft of shoemaking surrounded by the company of older adults.
55 can also mislead by giving undue prominence to certain isolated facts of Thessalian, Boeotian, and Central Cretan (cf.