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Under the new law, the hospitals have been taking new decisions with regard to enforcement of the law for which the presence of their BoG members is necessary.
This relatively small bog captures an estimated 600,000 tons of carbon beneath its mosses and waters, transforming it into peat.
Bord na Mona ecologist Dr Mark McCorry said: "To get three Glossy Ibises in Bunihinly bog is exciting.
On the other hand, sources said that Barrister is a worker of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) and during his tenure as Chairman BoG of OPF; he had issued letters to hundreds of Overseas Pakistanis who have been serving as diplomats of respective political party in their relevant countries.
He further told that previously the BoG had the financial powers to deal with medical bills payment cases, which has now been delegated to the IMC.
The 32nd annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships were held at Llanwrtyd Wells yesterday, with more than 100 people swimming through a swamp with only a snorkel and flippers for help.
Her aim is to demonstrate what it takes to bring the tangy fruit from the bog to the consumer's plate (or glass).
We only produce Wirral Gin on this still because the key botanical, Bog Myrtle, has such a strong fragrance that we can't produce any other spirits on the still without them taking on the Wirral Gin flavours.
A healthy peat bog doesn't just store carbon in peat laid down over thousands of years, but constantly forms new peat, locking up more carbon each year.
Just ask any of the hardy locals who make their way to Clonmoylan Bog in South-East Galway, no matter what the weather is doing.
In HMC Peshawar BOG members include former federal secretary Sahibzada Syed, Surgeon Dr.
Bog witnesses the horrible act but is powerless to prevent it, and he soon sets out to avenge his father.