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For a brief introduction to the rules of Boggle and some of the mathematics it entails, see [3].
Boggle CD-ROM offers something for everyone with five unique word games in one, including Classic Boggle, Battle Boggle, Space Boggle, Breakaway Boggle and, In Your Face Boggle.
Thus, the above Boggle board contains RAT, DIM, and STARE, bur does not contain BASS or INTEREST.
As much as I cherish our lonely moments together, soundtracked by the clatter of Boggle dice and measured out in the inaudible whisper of grains slipping gentle as a breath through the chambers of the one-minute sandglass we use to time the game, the time has come to take our relationship to the next level.
Boggle Eyes maintains a consistently hilarious expression and entertains disbelieving guests at social gatherings.
BOGGLE Junior Travel -- This portable version of the popular matching-spelling letters game is completely self-contained, with no loose parts.
In a day and age of record high petroleum prices and the associated furor among both consumers and the government surrounding what the oil companies are doing with these profits, the oil companies have responded with future spending plans that boggle the mind.
It certainly boggles my mind, and it deserves, I think, to boggle yours.
And about his near-pounds 6m move, he added: "The fee makes my mind boggle but the manager wanted me and Everton were willing to do business.