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Boggle Hunters successfully blends the fantasy Faery realm with the contemporary world of advanced computer games and hi-tech equipment.
William is excited as we told him that elf-like Boggles and Twiggles live in the woods and he is hoping to catch a glimpse of them.
The adventure park is based on the best-selling children's book, A Boggle At BeWILDerwood, by Tom Blofeld.
AFTER hearing that more police are being allowed to use taser guns my mind boggles.
They probably just wanted to shut her up, but it boggles my mind that they would throw an animal into a freezer.
This charming and fast-paced urban fantasy has it all: male banshees, beautiful vampires, mugger-eating boggles, a teenage seer and a super-hero-class protector in brother Niko.