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Back in the 1980s, waiting for the cannon blast--which indicates the start of Egyptian's favourite TV shows--meant watching Boggy and Tamtam over breakfast.
Whatever we can do to redress the balance, whether it be creating a pond or making a boggy area, it is going to help.
Festive lanterns, an age-old feature of Ramadan in this mostly Muslim country, have this year hit the local market taking the shapes of popular Egyptian puppets such as Boggy and Tamtam, two protagonists in a TV series that was aired in the 1980s.
Florida Southwestern State College students in the respiratory therapy program volunteered to serve as camp counselors for a week at Camp Boggy Creek.
On one occasion he broke his neck and a leg riding for Boggy Whelan in a novice chase at Wye.
This project will address significant water quality concerns in the Boggy Bayou area of northwestern Choctawhatchee Bay.
Les visiteurs ont meme vu la transversale les priver de l'egalisation sur cette tete de Boggy (28').
Subject property is less than 1/2 mile from Boggy Creek Road, 8 miles from Orlando International Airport and 10 minutes from Lake Nona's 7,000 acre Medical City.
The path above Bryn Tyrch Uchaf used to be boggy and peaty, but due to its popularity its condition had deteriorated into an eyesore.
Coming across Steer Lake, it raked the belly turret off on an irrigation pipe, bellying into a boggy wetland between tall pines and orange trees in a grove where my dad was foreman.