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Medical directors, hospital director, director finance and nursing appointed under the new law, look towards the BoGs for important decisions.
The exhibition lets you explore the bogs without wetting your feet, and there will be a series of six free lunchtime talks onThursdays from February 1.
If you can't bring the consumer to the cranberry bog, bring the bog to the consumer.
We only produce Wirral Gin on this still because the key botanical, Bog Myrtle, has such a strong fragrance that we can't produce any other spirits on the still without them taking on the Wirral Gin flavours.
Andy Polkey, senior reserves manager for NRW, R said: "Healthy peat bogs are rare, provide habitats for special wildlife and bring a huge benefit when it comes to climate change so it's important to maintain them as best we can.
I trucked around in these Bogs for weeks in Michigan's fall and winter and frankly never wanted to take them off.
He said it is now the responsibility of the members of the BoGs to take the steps for state of the art health facilities in their respective hospitals, said a press release issued here.
But such an idyllic picture has been seriously threatened by the EU Habitats Directive, designating Ireland's 53 -s d ied raised bogs as Special Areas of Conservation.
4) This article argues that investigating bogland in The Snake's Pass will draw attention to the ways in which Irish bogs are situated precariously among issues of national identity, colonial consciousness, and environmental history, which ultimately results in the marginalisation and degradation of these ubiquitous and emblematic landscapes of Ireland.
These losses included Sphagnum bogs and tamarack swamps.
Until a few years ago, many considered the bog turtle, listed as threatened in 1997, to be unrecoverable.
A type of moss growing in the bogs shuts out oxygen, which bacteria and fungi need to survive.