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Some put it in cool water and bring it to boil with the water to let it simmer in it for another five minutes or so.
Customers in the affected area should bring their water to a rolling boil for 5 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking.
It is easy to boil an egg, either by timing it as soon as the water begins to bubble, or, the even easier way, by putting a temperature-sensitive timer in the pan with the egg.
The lump and the tissue around it begin to swell as pus accumulates and a white or yellow head of pus appears at the centre of the boil.
Their method starts with the egg into cold water, which is raised to the boil before removing the pan from the heat and leaving it for six minutes.
When the temperature is high enough to separate the individual molecules from each other, they boil, or become a gas.
For example, water at sea level will boil at 212[degrees]F (100[degrees]C) and freeze at 32[degrees]F (0[degrees]C).
Water officials told selectmen Wednesday night they could be lifting the boil order by Friday.
Apart from the expense - 86p for goodness sake - who can't boil an egg?
As a result they were continuing to advise people affected to boil water for drinking and food preparation.
From the James Martin Collection, this is another gadget that lets you boil up to seven eggs in the one go and also lets you boil them soft, medium or hard.