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And the scenes at the final whistle, with players celebrating boisterously in front of their jubilant fans, confirmed a real belief that they will beat the drop.
We are recommending her to be re-homed to an active home where there is some knowledge of training and if children are present, to be aged 12 and over (as she can jump about boisterously when excited).
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi on Sunday boisterously marked the final day of a major economic conference that has injected billions of dollars' worth of aid and investment in his country, while still acknowledging that Egypt's road to recovery will be long and costly.
The finale's rousing chorus of "Happy days are here again" was led boisterously by Osborne's Ali Baba.
The Xbox One played second fiddle to the PS4 for most of this year, but its exclusive games were arguably better and Sunset Overdrive was the most boisterously fun of the bunch.
And it may be crowing about those touted feats boisterously.
There was also a duet-style violin medley and a Year 10 Rock Band boisterously closed the evening.
I couldn't resist opening my door to watch them swinging boisterously from branch to branch.
She added: "I suspect that the 'play safe, play sensible' work we are doing with our children to help them understand that they need to think of others when they are playing boisterously has been misinterpreted.
The swearing-in ceremony was witnessed by tens of thousands of people, a majority of them P supporters, who cheered boisterously as the oath was taken.
Directed from the first violin by Terje Tonnesen their version of the symphony has a genuinely frolicsome finale and a boisterously playful pizzicato second movement.
At one point, a 13-year-old boy torpedoed into the play area on a bicycle and boisterously announced "I'm Gregory