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American Pizza Slice launched on Bold Street in January 2011 following the success of its popular takeaway on Whitechapel, it also has abranch on South Road in Waterloo.
Bold Legal is a transactional and business law firm boldly committed to providing clients sophisticated transactional legal services with business acumen and practical efficiency while maintaining a firm culture and work environment steadfastly honoring certain unassailable core values: fairness, honesty, respect and caring.
Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 - Means business, with style [Review]
Liverpool's Business Improvement District has also confirmed it is considering extending its scope to cover Bold Street and plans to meet traders there over coming weeks to discuss what it can offer.
com web site was linked to the new Baskin-Robbins website to support the launch of Baskin-Robbins Bold Breezes.
This is a good moment for Jim in Bold because our society is ready to receive and discuss these issues," says Malcolm Lazin, executive director of the Philadelphia-based gay group Equality Forum, which produced the film.
In Bold Relief: Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modem American Social Policy, sociologist Edwin Amenta incorporates theories from sociology and political science to put into historical context the origins and immediate consequences of key features of New Deal social legislation.
But let this not detract from the fact that Bold has produced a new and original revaluation of many idees recues in Pascalian scholarship.
Such home altars were more than places of worship; they signified bold faith in front of insuperable odds.
BUSTLING with bars and restaurants, Bold Street is one of the busiest areas in Liverpool city centre - but should it be pedestrianised?