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Modifications to the first sample reading item included eliminating one distractor, increasing space between answer choices, adding a visual, replacing underlined text for the vocabulary word with bold font, and adding a clarifying word before the vocabulary word to provide additional context (see Figure 2).
All staff responses showed preference of the band to display the patient's last name on the first line in bold font and that the pediatric and adult bands be the same width.
Open Cabri Geometry and locate the menu items shown in bold font in the text below.
Experts recommend not to include more than 40 words on each slide and to use a large, bold font than can easily be seen.
In large, bold font, a sentence presenting the article reads, 'Morality, values, ethics and universal principles have taken root in the hearts of the US foreign policy community.
Physically the book is a joy to explore with clear bold font and framed illustrations that add further dimensions to the story.
Clearly signpost segments of information, either by boxing off or using capitals or a bold font for headings.