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Changes to the unmodified item included eliminating a distractor, using bold font for the vocabulary term, and increasing space between lines.
Remark: For exercise in algorithmic diagnostics of diagnostic tasks, it is quite enough to write down only the basic diagnosis printed by the bold font and underlined.
Some impressions then: the letters in bold font in the first poem have to stay on the page for the reader to bring four of them together to answer the question of the title; Who?
The label does pop out because of its size and the use of a bold font that's easy to read.
Clearly signpost segments of information, either by boxing off or using capitals or a bold font for headings.
The text is simple and presented in a large bold font.
Bold font is also used to highlight sound bites from the man who professed that 'ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they are given a chance' while photographs depict key moments of his life.
Clearly signpost segments of information - either by boxing off or using capitals or a bold font for headings.
Carnavas' bright and unostentatious pen and watercolour illustrations accompanied by large bold font offer a combination to ensure that books and family life are just the right mixture to ensure happiness and contentment.
The earthy, brown wing is illustrated as a stylized B, and the logotype uses a thick bold font.