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Modifications to the first sample reading item included eliminating one distractor, increasing space between answer choices, adding a visual, replacing underlined text for the vocabulary word with bold font, and adding a clarifying word before the vocabulary word to provide additional context (see Figure 2).
The team also elected to standardize the width of the ID bands for neonatal, pediatric, and adult as well as a band format to print the last name on the first line in bold font. Figure 2 shows the new ID band design.
Open Cabri 3D and locate the menu items shown in bold font in the text below.
For example, if your font cartridge came with the Helvetica Bold font at 14.44 points and you wanted the same font at the 15 point size, you're out of luck.
It is easy to read with well-spaced text broken up by sub-headings, the use of bold font and capitals, bullet points and resource lists.
letters: black vinyl, arial bold font (all capital letters), 43 ea.
In the end, the numbers 13 and 2 were also shown in a red and bold font. The number 13 hints at the number found in the title of the series and two refers to the upcoming season.
Unrestrained, Mananzan exclaims in bold font: 'However, she retained the subversive dangerous memory of her original equality!'
"The total amount due was in bold font and can, and did, mislead consumers into believing that the total amount due, as is usually the case, is the amount they should pay Meralco," the motion stated.
INEX-2006 5 1 2.65# INEX-2007 6 1 2.87# INEX-2008 4 1 2.68# INEX-2009 5 1 2.47# INEX-2010 4 1 2.57# INEX-2011 11 1 2.75# The bold font refer to the % that use to calculate value of improvement.
Physically the book is a joy to explore with clear bold font and framed illustrations that add further dimensions to the story.