bold front

See: audacity
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Riach from the deck, asking for a parley; and I, climbing through the skylight and sitting on the edge of it, pistol in hand and with a bold front, though inwardly in fear of broken glass, hailed him back again and bade him speak out.
I failed of the bold front and the necessary forwardness when the crucial moment came.
On every side the fighting-men of Bekwando went down like ninepins - about half a dozen only sprang forward for a hand-to-hand fight, the remainder, with shrieks of despair, fled back to the shelter of the forest, and not one of them again ever showed a bold front to the white man.
He had always admired the bold front she displayed to the world.
No victory, No joy of triumph doth the faint heart know; Unblest is he That a bold front to Fortune dares not show, But soul and sense In bondage yieldeth up to indolence.
The three of us can show a bold front to Brother Bartholomew.
We may put a bold front on it, but everything is against us, although the army still performs prodigies of valor.
It features headlamps that are expected to be all-LED units, a hexagonal grille, with possible chrome details, between the headlamps, a bold front bumper with large air intakes, a stubby boot, sleek LED tail lamps, and a dual exhaust system.
Its quirky styling with sweeping lines, bold front grille and stand-out wheel arches give the new Kona a stand-out look.
Its bold front fascia is complemented by Honda's Signature LED Lighting, including full LED Headlights, and LED Daytime Running Lights.