bold front

See: audacity
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I failed of the bold front and the necessary forwardness when the crucial moment came.
On every side the fighting-men of Bekwando went down like ninepins - about half a dozen only sprang forward for a hand-to-hand fight, the remainder, with shrieks of despair, fled back to the shelter of the forest, and not one of them again ever showed a bold front to the white man.
He had always admired the bold front she displayed to the world.
No victory, No joy of triumph doth the faint heart know; Unblest is he That a bold front to Fortune dares not show, But soul and sense In bondage yieldeth up to indolence.
The three of us can show a bold front to Brother Bartholomew.
We may put a bold front on it, but everything is against us, although the army still performs prodigies of valor.
To finish off this bold front, put your money where your mouth is with loads of lip gloss.
VICTORIA Beckham was still showing a bold front during a night-out with husband David despite their Comic Relief grilling from Ali G.
The Mazda3 doesn't shout performance on the outside despite the Sport additions, although the rising waistline delivers visual pace and the haunched rear, very much echoing the RX-8, the spoiler and the bold front and rear lights give character.
For the bold front page headline read 'On a Wing and a Prayer While Flying' - with the story featuring "shocking" personal accounts by pilots of a number of near-misses in Indian skies in 2007.
The GTC coupe has a bold front with heavily chiseled vertical vents flanking twin grilles and a sweeping rear which is dominated by angular lamp clusters and twin exhaust outlets.
It's a real chunk of machinery with exaggerated wheel arches and a bold front grille.