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Although Riedel is considered too important to be given the brushoff, Wadler and the rimes' Boldface Names writers have found themselves left off legit party lists.
INFINITO-INFINITESIMAL (7) This appears as a boldface term at the entry infinito- in the OED, where it is defined as "infinitesimal of the second degree".
boldface, italics, simple rules) can be added to the text by using the features described at http://www.
The ad continues with a photograph of Bill Clinton with the word "Shame" in large, red, boldface letters flashing on and off diagonally across his face.
He insisted that he could not see bursts of light, boldface letters, or anything else presented to him.
The thrill reached across the footlights, and soon audience members were searching for his name in the fine print at the back of the program, sensing that it would not be long before it appeared in the boldface roster in the front.
The report should use various readership-enhancing devices - an intriguing cover statement, textual callouts, boldface lead-ins, subheads, bulleted paragraphs.
An interesting paragraph was added in boldface to the 1991 and 1992 editions of Physicians Current Procedural Terminology[1] of the American Medical Association:
And Celebrity beauty licensing company Boldface Group recently announced the signing of popular television host Mario Lopez in the men's fragrance category.
BOLDFACE Group Inc (OTCBB:BLBK), a celebrity beauty licensing company, announced on Friday that CVS/pharmacy has expanded the presence of its Beauty Brand line of cosmetics to 2,100 stores, after a successful initial launch of the company's limited edition Holiday line.
Make-up artist Lee Tillett is seeking 10 million dollars in damages from the sisters and Boldface Group Inc, which markets their line, the Daily Mail reported.