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We have previously reserved for this settlement and are looking forward to focusing on the growth of Kardashian Beauty(TM)," stated Ashumi Shippee, the Chief Financial Officer of Boldface.
Don't just hand those boldface and closed-book tests out every now and again.
INFINITO-INFINITESIMAL (7) This appears as a boldface term at the entry infinito- in the OED, where it is defined as "infinitesimal of the second degree".
The county will start sending out notices of past-due property taxes each year and printing past-due amounts in boldface on bills with a color background.
Simple HTML coding (such as boldface or underlining) is easily scanned by the reader and helps get your information across with fewer words.
Companies listed in boldface are advertisers in this issue of Solutions
Forgo the excessive use of special functions such as underline, boldface, or color type.
The boldface credentials appeared in a Vanity Fair profile five years before Ammann's premature death in 1993.
Our hero, Wallace Benton (played by Oliver Platt), is a columnist at the New York Ledger "who lives life in boldface type and makes headlines of his own with his rabble-rousing 'Nothing but the Truth' byline," says the promo material.
boldface, italics, simple rules) can be added to the text by using the features described at http://www.
The ad continues with a photograph of Bill Clinton with the word "Shame" in large, red, boldface letters flashing on and off diagonally across his face.
He insisted that he could not see bursts of light, boldface letters, or anything else presented to him.