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Eric Owen Moss' latest addition to the fragmented urban landscape of Culver City in Los Angeles is a boldly gestural speculative office development intended to symbolise the area's civic renewal.
Individual testimonies and shots of thin faces and sparse hair occupied Gretchen Bender's sensitively filmed and boldly manipulated video interpretation; and I was often touched by the recorded voice of Odetta, so scratchy-sweet as she sang the heartfelt lyrics of Kenneth Frazelle during the first half of Still/Here.
The second story line is much more interesting since the Defiant is boldly going where no man has gone before.
The boldly articulated bays are infilled with curtain walling that reflects and refracts Oslo's distorted cityscape across its glossy skin.
In his choreography, as in puppetry, delicacy registers boldly with the audience.
The boldly kinetic The Bearers of Bad News (1989) had raised high expectations for Wim Vandekeybus, the two-time Bessie Award-winning Belgian dancemaker of the drop-and-flop school.
Apparently in defiance of the drab surrounding environment, a younger generation of architects is boldly designing houses that seem to defy the notions of Japanese domestic privacy and self-effacement and emblazon themselves on the city scene.