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At school there had been two or three girls of more boldness than modesty whom some of the boys knew; and desperate stories, due in all probability to the masculine imagination, were told of intrigues with them; but Philip had always concealed under a lofty contempt the terror with which they filled him.
El Kosayar attributed Amer's winning of the award to taking a number of decisions with great boldness, a boldness that is familiar to him, in times of difficulty, and he had tremendous results witnessed by all the international financial institutions.
Nawaz Sharif had expressed boldness and returned to the country for facing the cases, he said while talking to a private news channel.
I do really like the boldness of your editor's note, however.
Dariescu played it with the tenderness, boldness and love that characterised the recital as a whole.
Dariescu played the whole recital with the tenderness, boldness and love.
Massie's depictions reveal Thomas Mann's son as possessing both literary and political boldness.
Summary: The ready-to-wear 2015 collection by designer Fouad Sarkis is one that reflects his boldness in terms of design and his ability to elegantly bring colors together.
Over a year in development, madeofblack, part of the global GUINNESS Made of More platform, shines a light on a movement being created by a new generation of Africans whose boldness cannot be contained and who are fuelling a new, progressive spirit of Africa.
Experiments included different boldness indicators, including exploratory, activity, and risk-taking behavior.
The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther" discusses his actions and his daring to change Christianity from the contemporary corruption that he faced as a steadfast believer and student of the faith.