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This year's package also includes bolstered insurance policies and an additional $60 increase per participating employee to the savings plan.
Instead, the researchers say any increase in flow could be the response to the earlier break-up of a more extensive offshore ice shelf that had slowed the glacier's flow--an idea bolstered by computer models of glaciers.
The 22-year-old Hernandez, bolstered by some Cuban food sent earlier in the day from Miami by singer Gloria Estefan, settled down to beat the 39-year-old Hershiser for the second time.
Most significantly, Fios has opened new offices in New York, expanded its Oregon operations, bolstered its client services and support teams, added new strategic partners and introduced new service offerings.
Our data say the CTL numbers are not sufficient," even when bolstered this way, he says.
The Brahmas could be bolstered by the midseason addition of 6-3 sophomore post Lindsay Yanks, who is currently ineligible.
The reduction in troubled assets in the portfolio including weaker facilities and non-accrual loans have further bolstered portfolio performance.
Bolstered by a change in federal law, Ventura County air pollution officials are revising a much maligned car-pooling mandate to give employers more leeway in reducing vehicle emissions.
Bolstered by the company's considerable growth in North American revenues during 2004, SRC plans to increase its Asia Pacific customer base exponentially in 2005, targeting companies in the telecommunications, healthcare, retail, financial services and hospitality sectors.