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With one sweep of his powerful arm, the Count threw the door shut, and the great bolts clanged and echoed through the hall as they shot back into their places.
Snow-white was quite sorry at his departure, and as she unbolted the door for him, and the bear was hurrying out, he caught against the bolt and a piece of his hairy coat was torn off, and it seemed to Snow-white as if she had seen gold shining through it, but she was not sure about it.
No bars stood between Ben Bolt and this creature, and Ben Bolt charged him.
His bolt struck the stork just where its wing meets the body, and the bird whirled aloft in a last convulsive flutter before falling wounded and flapping to the earth.
But the locks had been broken and the bolts carried away, so that it could not be fastened.
But, knowing with whom they had to deal, they remained quite still, and now, not only appeared unobserved at the door--which was not bolted, for the bolt had no hasp--but warily, and with noiseless footsteps, advanced into the room.
Then that stopped all of a sudden, and the bolts went to like fun.
which, owing doubtless to her alarm, was a confusion of ideas on her part between a bolt and its use; for though there was one on the door, it was not fastened.
There's a bolt at the top, you won't be able to reach,' interposed Toby.
Grandmother took me into the ice-cold storeroom, where she had some bolts of gingham and sheeting.
A noise of bolts was now heard, the door opened, and two men appeared.
With one spring he flew from the chamber of Milady into that of the maid, and quick as lightning, he slammed to the door, and placed all his weight against it, while Kitty pushed the bolts.