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'Only suppose,' returned Bella, 'that poor Pa was to sit bolt upright in another corner.'
But indeed I do not believe there ever was any human creature who could keep so bolt upright as Ma, 'or put such an amount of aggravation into one back!
"No," said Rachel, sitting bolt upright, "I shan't do that.
Now that she is here she remains for a time, and though she is in the arm-chair by the fire, where she sits bolt upright (she loved to have cushions on the unused chairs, but detested putting her back against them), and I am bent low over my desk, I know that contentment and pity are struggling for possession of her face: contentment wins when she surveys her room, pity when she looks at me.
Richard Vanderpole was sitting bolt upright, gazing steadily ahead.
"If Lady Lydiard believes in my niece's innocence," said Miss Pink, suddenly sitting bolt upright in her chair, "why has my niece been compelled, in justice to herself, to leave Lady Lydiard's house?"
The guy in charge of naming new Sony products sits bolt upright in bed, cold sweat dripping from his forehead.
The 61-year-old, of Brentwood, Essex, said: "They pulled back the curtains and mum was sitting bolt upright, mouth wide open and knuckles clenched.
She sat bolt upright to play, her neck a graceful stem, but shrank into her own shoulders as soon as her hands left the keys.
A Mistle Thrush bolt upright struts, he's king of his domain.
The boy sat bolt upright in bed, shouted his sister's name then called for Charlene.
According to Bruno these numbers were crucial: the whole viability of the roof depended on them." Descriptions of nature are especially delightful: "I startled roe deer foraging in the abandoned pastures; bolt upright with their ears at attention, they would look at me in alarm for an instant, then flee to the woods like thieves."