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"In many cases, due to a lack of available tooling and expertise the construction contractors suffer from conflict, with the pre-commissioning and commissioning teams, as a result of leaks from incorrectly assembled bolted joints during construction phase and from incorrectly pre-assembled components, supplied by third parties, that only come to light during pre-commissioning and joint integrity pressure testing.
Hibino and Motojima [16] carried out shear tests with ungrouted 2 mm diameter bolts in concrete blocks and found that the pretension load of the bolt reduced the shear displacement but did not influence the shear resistance of bolted concrete blocks.
Typical failure modes of bolted joints include rotational loosening (self-loosening), non-rotational loosening (seating, load induced plasticity, thermal creep), corrosive failure, fatigue and rupture.
This finding suggests that end distance of 5d would be acceptable as the minimum end distance of LVL bolted connection.
Most studies focused on the ultimate bearing strength of the bolted joints.
Bolted flange joints are found just about everywhere in industry, so it is surprising at times to consider the lack of knowledge concerning them in the industrial world.
"Finite element analysis of structural steelwork beam to column bolted connections," Joints in Steel Constructions-Moment Connections, BCSA/SCI Pub.
1 : to move suddenly and rapidly <She bolted from the room.>
The Vision is the world's first safety bolt that constantly monitors tension across a bolted joint and gives a clear visual indication that tension is lost.
Unlike conventionally designed buckets that are welded, Carriere's heavy-duty buckets are bolted together.