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Yet I will not deny that at the intaking of a town it is well to have good store of bombards. I am told that at Calais they made dints in the wall that a man might put his head into.
For a year the French fleets blockaded the coast and bombarded exposed towns and villages.
As Peking was bombarded by glass tubes, so was all China.
And he bombarded the Almighty with his prayer, at odd times of the day, whenever it occurred to him, in identical words always, for it seemed to him important to make his request in the same terms.
Scope: Bombard Electric and Bombard Mechanical are both part of MDU Construction Services Group.
Summary: UAE-backed forces bombard Al Houthi fortifications in Al Jarahi, Tahita and Bait Al Faqih
These Stokes trench-mortars were still putting up a tremendous barrage on the enemy's wire and trenches, and the enemy's artillery now opened out and commenced to bombard our line with big shells.
Let's bombard the Syrian people with aid, not missiles.
"We tell the Israelis, today, that if they bombard Beirut or the southern suburbs we will bomb Tel Aviv," the Shiite leader warned.
2 : to attack again and again <Reporters bombarded the survivors with questions.>
The television news media bombard Canadian viewers with special features about jazz, constructing the Big Easy as a pleasure-loving Mecca.
Does all of the chocolate overwhelm your senses as the sugars bombard your taste buds?