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BOMBARD faces up to 2 years' imprisonment, to be followed by 1 year of supervised release, and a $100,000 fine.
Bombard Renewable Energy will own, operate and maintain the solar array for five years under a power purchase agreement with Faith Lutheran.
Buddy Bombard taught Malcolm Forbes to pilot balloons, served as crew in four successive America's Cups, and was recognized by the Governor of Cappadocia for his contributions to tourism.
Bombard was the Chief Executive Officer of Lenetix Medical Laboratory of Mineola, New York.
Bombard a letter in early July, 1914, warning him to stay away or "I will be compelled to bring the affair before the court.
The Information further alleges that BOMBARD compromised these computer systems using a variant of the GAOBOT worm.
SNP publicity chief Kevin Pringle wrote to selected party members telling them to bombard TV stations and newspapers with the SNP line on independence in Europe, and joint Lib-Lab candidates in the next election.
After growing up on Gage Street in Worcester, she married her childhood sweetheart, Bobby Bombard, on Nov.
E[acute accent]"It was exhilarating and we came away different people with a bigger appetite for adventure," E[acute accent]"The accommodations with Buddy Bombard are addictive and so is he; so funny and so knowledgeable - a consummate gentleman," said another.
Evenings include fabulous dinner parties hosted by Buddy Bombard in famous gourmet restaurants, featuring premier wines with French, Mediterranean or nouvelle Swiss cuisines.
X rays bombard Earth, but our planet's atmosphere shields us from them.
NYSE:MDU) announced the acquisition yesterday of Bombard Mechanical, LLC, based in Las Vegas, Nev.