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The source said in a statement received by Iraqi News that "the international coalition aviation, in coordination with the army's Seventh Division, bombarded one of the strategic ISIL headquarters in the district of Kabisa south of Heet, 70 km west of Ramadi".
A military source in Najran told Saba that the army and popular committees targeted a grouping for Saudi machineries and soldiers in Rajla military location and also bombarded a location to the north of Al-Makhrouq location, in addition to Hisn Al-Hamad location.
Diana, Princess of Wales was reportedly bombarded with flowers by American mogul Donald Trump
BUSINESSMAN Donald Trump bombarded Diana, Princess of Wales with flowers after her divorce, broadcaster Selina Scott has claimed.
Claire, 43, says: "I woke up one morning to be bombarded by messages and an extra 300 followers.
A man who found it difficult to come to terms with the break-up of his 10-year marriage bombarded his ex with more than 600 telephone calls.
bombarded with hundreds of phone calls from scammers.
No matter what time of day or night viewers are bombarded with all manner of offers, most often for prescription drugs.
They were bombarded with emails and phone calls from their constituents who were opposed to the UK being dragged into yet another bloody conflict at America's behest.
Summary: Beirut:Syrian troops bombarded rebel bastions near the capital on Sunday a day after at least .
The Syrian Human Rights Watchdog reported that Darya and Ma'adhamiyya cities were bombarded by Syrian regime forces, however, no causalities were reported yet.
To hear the Israeli media tell it, the real war that just broke out in the Holy Land is between the country's beleaguered and bombarded south and its arch-enemy, Tel Aviv.