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People in the Turkish side are seems to get used the violent sounds of bombardment in the other side of the Turkish border where Turkmens are still continuing their resistance against Syrian regime forces consolidated by Russian forces.
On Saturday, media reports revealed that Saudi Arabia has used MOAB against the Yemeni nation in its recent bombardment of Sana'a.
The source said that the Syrian Army heavily pounded the terrorists' military positions in al-Tamane'ah after bombardment of their positions.
MAARET AL-NUMAN, Syria: Bombardments by the Syrian regime killed six civilians in northwest Syria Monday, hours after U.S.
A spokesman for one of the rebel formations in the area, the Turkey-backed National Liberation Front, confirmed government forces had taken Kafr Naboud after an eight-hour bombardment involving hundreds of rockets and dozens of air strikes.
The water splashes around when a jumper hits the water, making it look like a bombardment, he said, adding that the seawater is bound to make the jumper feel so cool and fresh and it has more fun than fiddling with a cell phone, according to the report
The number of enemy bombardments, and all of them was fixed 33, in comparison with the previous day somewhat decreased.
Damascus has unleashed similar bombardment of rebel-held towns elsewhere in Syria in the past that have delivered negotiated surrenders which allowed it to retake swathes of territory.
Crane scrutinizes the effects that USAAF experience with first-generation radar and precision guided munitions in the heat of World War II air combat had on the precision strategic bombardment thesis.
They fear the terror of the bombardment will bring her into labour early, he said.
The bombardment targeted the supply lines of Daesh and their positions in Rawa in preparation for launching wide-range land attack to retook the district, which fell to Daesh three years ago, a PMU commander in Anbar told Iraqi news agency.
KABUL -- Former President Hamid Karzai, strongly condemned the bombardment on civilians in Chardara district in Kunduz and declared it anti-humanity action.