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Philip Theophrastrus Aureolus Bombast von Hohenheim, also known as Paracelsus, was a 16th-century man who, despite venomous derision from scientists and physicians who came after him, made important contributions to modern science.
But considered alongside the muted, contemplative Billboards, the bombast and artifice of "Why Style" provided an appropriate and effective contrast.
I grew up listening to his bombast from the Washington state legislature.
by defending him against misogyny, while not admitting his untutored sexism ("Everything about woman is a puzzle, and everything about woman has one solution: it is called pregnancy") or by failing to acknowledge the embarrassing frequency of bombast and portentous poetic mutterings in Zarathustra.
String timbres were silky and secure, woodwinds were eloquently expressive and never pinched, brass commanded without stridency, and percussion added their telling punctuations with no hint of bombast - and how wonderful to hear four harps picking their way through the textures with such clarity.
This phenomenon was accelerated by the great SARS scare of 2003; however, the real reason for this downturn is not the bombast of the "Governator" or the unpredictable forces of nature but the fact that the American economy has been thrown into the dumpster by the Bush administration.
First of all I did some really gentle song such as Don't Let Your Heart Grow Cold, Curtain Call and Swandive before going full pelt with the intense sonic bombast of Lobotomy.
All of the blather, bombast and assurances of its supporters notwithstanding, there's no way to get around that fact.
I shall not detain the House by reading extracts from his long letter, but civil servants who saw that letter can recall few occasions when a letter from a responsible Minister had evinced in reply such a piece of whining bombast.
How like Gloria to retire modestly, without fanfare or bombast.