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They have splashed spurious claims with bombastic titles on their front pages.
Alas, no one emerges unscathed from the melee and the deep psychological wounds inflicted in these bombastic 147 minutes suggest that this muscular chapter signals a bittersweet end for some characters while blatantly teeing up standalone spin-offs for Spider-Man and Black Panther.
Bombastic Shiraz, the 2003 Melbourne Cup hero, has had few runners here, but is sire also of triple Category One winner Mill Bling Bling.
Punctuated by thrilling action set-pieces set to a bombastic score, it barely pauses for breath to worry about characterisation.
YOUR "outspoken columnist" Rob Davies' bombastic style may show some degree of journalistic flair but he has a flaccid grasp of matters sociological and educational.
They close with a bombastic run through Rebellion (Lies), but are soon back for a soaring take on Intervention.
The symphonic metal fusion of hard-edged rock and beautiful, intricate classical music is nothing new, but Epica takes it to such a wonderful extreme, with its thunderous, bombastic melodrama punctuated by gorgeous, heart-melting moments, particularly when vocalist Simone Simons' voice erupts from the cacophony, her beautiful mezzo-soprano a burst of light amid the gothic darkness of guitars and drums.
ED KOWALCZYK - Alive Verdict: WHILE his band Live take a break, frontman Kowalczyk goes solo with an album of anthemic songs and bombastic AOR.
And the highest homage to our educators can be paid with respecting the highest standards and not with bombastic announcements for foundations stones and shovels.
Road songs Living On The Outside and Elvis In Vegas find him at his bombastic best, If It Rains is a big ballad, and If I Can't Have You finds him with American Idol's Kara DioGuardi and House star Hugh Laurie.
This was probably partly because it was full of unlikeable characters - led by the bullying, belligerent, bombastic and bearded buffoon of a Uni vice-chancellor, Jonty de Wolfe (Andy Nyman).
50-pounds 13 BOMBASTIC Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff Tel: 029 2030 4400 Funny family show based on the Greek myths with talking monsters, songs and animation.