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The Bengaluru-based Kumar is known for his bombastic, clean comedy laced with colloquial humour and relatable tales from college, the corporate world and day to day life.
The festival features three shows - Wallflowers by Bombastic, Car Crash Wedding by Gary and Pel, and Drifter and Toy Soldier by Jukebox Collective.
On Friday, the 66-year-old accused the newspaper of splashing "spurious claims with bombastic titles on their front pages," reports The Gaurdian.
This special gig saw one half of electric DJ duo Bassment Jaxx Felix Buxton get the crowd sweating - and he more than delivered with his bombastic beats, spinning vintage tunes Jump n Shout, Fly Life and Samba Magic.
Rodrigo Duterte's visit to Japan, a key ally of the United States, will only bring good tidings to both countries and that the president will avoid 'bombastic' rhetoric similar to what resonated from his visit to China last week.
A charismatic, bombastic and confrontational man, he is anti-West.
Bloke-ish in a Nigel Farage way, he appeared slightly bombastic, but reasonable.
After a bombastic and enthusiastically pro-Israel speech, Donald Trump received a standing ovation at yesterday's annual conference for AIPAC, the flagship organisation advocating for Israel in the United States.
Opening with the spine-tingling intro music to the series, the album is incredibly easy to listen to, with bombastic horns mixed in with string sections and flute melodies.
What will he do when he's freed from his bombastic, know-nothing, truthiness-loving persona?
Sergei Rachmaninoff is a young person's composer, full of sound and fury, his music delighting listeners on Its own boyishly bombastic terms.
The electronic newspaper "" published a bombastic title "HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL!