bombastic speech

See: rhetoric
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The irony of the bombastic speech was not lost on most since restating that Hezbollah was "standing in the face of Israel and its threats and wars and in the face of the takfiris", belied his presence in Aleppo and other points north -- at some distance from Israel.
And now in a bizarre and trademark bombastic speech, outspoken Trump has announced he will run for President in 2016.
1772-1849) was the progenitor of both schools of presentation, a newsman who could report sports quickly and plainly, but who most often used the bombastic speech of the ring itself, and who was not above making a few things up.
He returned on 9 October, 10 days after his bombastic speech, to be hailed by British newspapers as some kind of Robin Hood who (in the words of The Independent and The Guardian) had "dodged a massive police operation to arrest him, [and] drove home to hug his wife".
Sethe's simple, monosyllabic words - no, no, no - ring deeper than Schoolteacher's bombastic speech.