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McArone is an eccentric soldier of Scottish descent who, as bombastically as ever, reports his fighting side-by-side with Garibaldi, almost as if he meant to show he was truly familiar with the happenings of the Italian Risorgimento.
The undusted, glossed over quotes from Habib Jalib, Faiz, Zehra Nigah and others begin to blear bombastically, in hitherto smugly nurtured silence that otherwise hangs disinterestedly over vanquished vigils and doomed dreams.
Although the final showdown bombastically reinforces the film's ideology, it also rehashes the spectacle in Peter Chan's own "The Warlords," with a distant echo of Roland Joffe's "The Mission," to numbing effect.
I remember the days when Turkey bombastically trying to play the role of elder brother in the region but then faced the cold fact that nobody needed elder brothers but equal partners.
Any Beach Boys fan will tell you this is imperative to truly appreciate the group's contribution to music, and even a song with a bombastically catchy chorus such as "Good Vibrations" is also a layered and complex work of borderless creativity in composition.
He threatened, offended and ruffled his own feathers, bombastically confident that he would remain.
He eased up unseen behind the man--now running his mouth more bombastically than ever--and with all of us watching he straddled the shotgun, crouched and made an impressive deposit on the gun's open, gleaming action.
Far less bombastically than his predecessor, Obama also proclaimed US support for freedom of speech, the rule of law, transparent government, and personal liberty as universal human rights.
In the Nobel Academy's speech, Per Wastberg underlined Coetzee's then current emigration, and stated, rather bombastically, "In your own life, you have recently moved along the very latitude that unites Cape Town and Adelaide.
Like Ovid before him--and in contrast to Spenser and Shakespeare--Marlowe wrote at the perimeters of the permissible; in this verse translation he ventriloquially advertises the atheism and concupiscence that his plays bombastically articulate, to the delight and outrage of his contemporaries.
Still, McPhee's "mature" follow-up is heavy with banal ballads and bombastically arranged melodrama.
(32) Well before Henry Luce famously and bombastically predicted the triumphant arrival of the "American Century," the United States was fast becoming the world's leading economic power.