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The second was a triumvirate of songs that brought the set to a close: Temptation, Perfect Kiss and Blue Monday proving that here was a band more than capable of thrilling, bombastically, gliding through their songs as gloriously as ever.
But when Michael Howard, the former leader of the UK Conservative opposition, announced bombastically during the last general elections in May 2005 that under his government, all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers would be subjected to tests for tuberculosis and HIV/Aids in order to save the National Health Service millions of pounds, you can tell he thought he was on to a vote winner.
Perhaps Gaines faced a dilemma as a black man writing within the parameters of bombastically prescriptive black masculinist nationalistic discourse (and during what many now regard as the "second renaissance" of black writing), one that excoriated Baldwin for being gay and thereby testosterone-deficient.
The Symphonic Sketches are really like a small symphony, divided into four brief tone poems: "Jubilee," a bombastically festive piece; "Noel," a slow, tranquil movement; "Hobgoblin," the most creative composition on the disc and very reminiscent of Mendelssohn again or Mussorgsky; and "A Vagrom Ballad" (vagrant's song), a kind of impressionistic, tongue-in-cheek affair.
For example, besides bombastically celebrating the "bellezza nuova" and speed of motor vehicles, Marinetti describes the loving care with which a train driver washes "il gran corpo possente della sua locomotiva" with "le tenerezze minuziose e sapienti di un amante che accarezzi la sua donna adorata.
Angel has bombastically announced herself, scaring Prior half to death,
This lengthy treatise, pregnant with bombastically complicated phraseology, may help extraordinarily patient philosophers of science gain (or regain) a measure of confidence.
Bombastically named the "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001," H.
The problem is well illustrated by two buildings: Gunther Behnisch's open, transparent, determinedly democratic Bundestag in Bonn, completed in 1992; and its successor, the bombastically Classical, Norman Foster-converted Reichstag in Berlin.
3d DCA 1998), in which counsel stated, inter alia, that the appellate court's per curiam affirmance was a "travesty of justice"; a "cop-out"; and bombastically stated, "[B]ut I suppose, when you don't have a good reason for doing something, then you do nothing and don't even have to explain it.
and Paul Ehrlich ad nauseam; bombastically defend the virtue of true science against the corruptions of "climate catastrophists" and "apocalypse abusers"; and keep the word warriors of capitalism gainfully employed after the fall of communism.