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More than 30 militants have been sentenced in Indonesia for their involvement in the Bali bombings.
sanctuary is Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro Cuban wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people.
Ashwell said there has been increased interest in insurance for mass transit systems with inquiries coming in from around the world, following the London bombings.
A UK NEPA conference, which began the day after the bombings, attracted the highest number of its 52 members in years.
The National Police antiterror squad, which has been seeking suspects in a deadly bombing in Central Sulawesi since May, discovered the 24 Bali and JW Marriott bombing suspects during the course of that investigation, Bachtiar indicated.
Another mixed-type and mixed-category attack is the simultaneous al-Qaeda suicide and car bombings of an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya (parallel devices), which occurred at the same time as the attempted shooting down of an Israeli 757 jetliner in the same city (dispersed attacks) on November 28, 2002.
There are other veterans who do not want to overlook the moral complexity of World War II: the imperial intentions of the Allies even as they declared it a war against fascism, and for democracy; the deliberate bombing of civilian populations to destroy the morale of the enemy.
In an especially heart-rending sequence, we are confronted by the arresting gazes of actual victims of the bombings, women and children recorded in color by the US Army shortly after the war, the surfaces of the skin on their faces and bodies disfigured, burned, and scarred into inhuman topographies of suffering (temperatures at the epicenter of the blast reached 10 million degrees, instantaneously vaporizing everything in the immediate vicinity).
"I deplore the loss of yet more lives from communities in which far too much blood has already been spilt," Archbishop Williams said after the bombing. "My visit has 'strengthened the belief that violence and terrorism lend nothing to the search for a better future for the peoples of this region."
For that we must turn to Mylroie's Study of Revenge, which posits that Iraq was behind the first Trade Center attack, a theory that is risible as hundreds of national security and law enforcement professionals combed through the evidence of the '93 bombing, certainly looking, amongst other things, for such a connection, and found no evidence.
In the terrorism world, imitation is inevitable, and there is a widespread belief among terrorists that the suicide bombings are working.
Quevedo said that after the bombings Catholic religious leaders prayed with other religious leaders, including Muslims and Hindus, for an end to "the senseless and brutal violence." Quevedo directed the bishops' Commission on Social Action, Justice and Peace to help the Zamboanga victims.