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Resul Baykara, brother of Hasan Baykara, who died in the Ankara bombings, told Today's Zaman on Monday that Ankara Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor yE-cimen told them that evidence suggests the Ankara bombings are connected to the other bombings in Suruc and Diyarbakyr.
He said the execution of the bombing was very professional, which indicates that some security figures were complicit in the planning or the implementation of the attack, which left at least nine dead and 19 wounded.
In the past, church bombings have been met with attacks on Islamic schools.
7 Ahmed Ibrahim al-Mughassil, Khobar Towers bombing.
The government was clearly very embarrassed by the bombing and fearful that the public would blame the regime more for its inability to protect the public than the Jundollah rebel band for the terrorist act itself.
But the Allied strategic bombing campaign in Europe defies a simple assessment of its success or failure.
Among the Dead Cities: The History and Moral Legacy of the WWII Bombing of Civilians in Germany and Japan.
Shay's book includes an historical survey of Islamic suicide bombings going all the way back to the 11th century, and also a compilation of recent suicide bombings since 9/11.
sanctuary is Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro Cuban wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people.
Ashwell said there has been increased interest in insurance for mass transit systems with inquiries coming in from around the world, following the London bombings.
The bombings won't affect my editorial as my next issue will be in around a month's time.
Police in Indonesia's Central Java Province have arrested 24 terrorist suspects allegedly involved in the 2002 bombing attacks on the resort island Bali and the 2003 JW Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta, National Police Chief Gen.