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Unlike conventional weapons, cluster bomblets survive for many years, luring little children with their ?
The United Nations Mine Action Coordination Center found the following types of American made cluster bomb submunitions: 559 M-42's, an anti-personnel bomblet that is used in 105-millimeter artillery shells, 663 M-77's, a type of submunition found in M-26 rockets, and 5 BLU-63's, a type of bomblet found in CBU-26 cluster bombs.
gt;> The US Army announced in January 2006 that as the dud rate of the M85 DPICM bomblets could not be brought below one per cent, most if not all GMLRS rockets bought in the future would be M31s.
The Pentagon claims that only 5 to 7 percent of the bomblets fail to detonate on impact, but Sean Moorhouse, a bomb disposal expert with the US World Food Program, told the Washington Post that the failure rate is closer to 14 percent.
Launched from the ground or dropped from the air, cluster bombs split open before impact to scatter multiple bomblets over a wide area.
JSOW (Joint Standoff Weapon): A precision-guided weapon developed by the United States and its allies carrying submunitions or bomblets.
Though he was tended in the field by his Marine buddies, young Suarez wasn't evacuated for two hours because of the danger from other bomblets, and he died in the helicopter on the way to medical help.
There is what might be seen as a degree of a split between European and American views of bomblet rounds.
Cluster munitions have indiscriminate effects and unexploded bomblets threaten lives and livelihoods for years afterward.
Craig Appleby, 36, from Farnham in Surrey, received fatal injuries when a bomblet exploded in the south of the country on Thursday.
Gomi, 36, was convicted of causing the death of the airport security guard and injuring the five people when a bomblet he was carrying went off.
Each bomblet can penetrate up to 69 mm of armoured steel while scattering lethal fragments over a nine-metre radius.