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From April 30 - May 2, Wiles Magazine ran a multiplatform social media and editorial campaign including looks at some of the most beautiful bombshells of that past and present and in-store coverage from events at participating stores in the Los Angeles area.
I'd have blared: "Bombshell bombshell find in cemetery: 'hundreds dead' bombshell.
Apparently, the bombshell has to pay him 674,043 dollars.
Bollinger, "Defense Drops Bombshell in Cybersex Case," New York Daily News, February 16, 1998, 16.
Creamery have created the ice cream flavor 'Presidential Bombshell,'" said Founder and Chief Creative Officer Stephen Bikoff.
Bombshell Girls, with their military-inspired uniforms, are a key attraction.
com)-- Earmarq, a leading social media marketing agency is excited to announce the launch of Bombshell Creations' new website.
Marilyn Monroe's acting chops never rise above the mundane, but there's a reason she remains the planet's biggest ever bombshell.
List 2011, The Bombshell Summer Edition</strong></span>
THE original blonde bombshell has been given a Swarovski crystal makeover - just in time for a charity auction.
The Bombshell Fantasy Bra took six craftsmen more than 1500 hours to complete.
This bombshell is a betrayal of a loyal and hard-working workforce," said a union spokesman.