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BONA, goods and chattels. In the Roman law, it signifies every kind of property, real, personal, and mixed, but chiefly it was applied to real estates; chattels being chiefly distinguished by the words, effects, movables, &c. Bona were, however, divided into bona mobilia, and bona immobilia. It is taken in the civil law in nearly the sense of biens (q. v.) in the French law.

VACANTIA, BONA, civil law. Goods without an owner. Such goods escheat.

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The court initially ruled that Blixseth had at least 12 creditors and, therefore, a minimum of three petitioning creditors with unsecured claims totaling at least $14,425, not subject to a bona fide dispute as to liability or amount, had to join the involuntary petition.
The question is why Sayed Bona did not complete the sentence by justifying why they were calling for 1/1/1956 as the border between the north and the South.
These are wonderful little time capsules of very particular activity and an important part of Ontario's history," Dalla Bona said.
Assuming the individual becomes a bona fide resident of Puerto Rico pursuant to the tests above, that person may be eligible for U.
Simpson Thacher and Bartlett LLP is serving as US legal counsel to Bona.
Instead, Bona built a distribution operation to rival the dominant state-owned enterprises.
Certain songs left space for impressive electric guitar and trumpet solos and, of course, for Bona to enrapture the crowd with his six-string bass soliloquys.
She recalled that with the help of Brocka and Rissient, she was able to sell Bona to a foreign distributor for $45,000.
The court found that under the Sochurek test, Sanders had been a bona fide resident of the U.
S, it can be the case that in the same time slot and day of the week, viewers might simultaneously see several episodes of AFV, but Di Bona explained, "They are shows from different years or with different themes.
Y sin embargo, cuando en octubre la embajada se muda a la casa del jardin, invita a Bona a inaugurarla: "?
The fund is established and managed by Wuhu Bona Film Investment Management Ltd.