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Since the start of 2016, three estates in Coventry have been referred to the Bona Vacantia Division.
The Treasury Solicitor, Jonathan Jones, will continue to act as the Crown s Nominee for the collection and disposal of bona vacantia and remains the Solicitor for the Affairs of Her Majesty s Treasury for this purpose.
Finally, he concluded that under the principle of bona vacantia, ownership of all 29 articles belonged to the Crown.
Thirdly, there is authority that a positive act of abandonment can sometimes displace any bona vacantia entitlement.
31) Moreover, some form of process is required to dissolve a company in order to deal with its assets and liabilities; otherwise, the company's property passes to the Crown as bona vacantia and not to the members.
When property is abandoned as trash, Justice Felix Frankfurtff held nearly thirty years ago, it becomes bona vacantia, material to which no one has any rights of control or secrecy.
The Bona Vacantia Division of the Government has a list, which is published online, and shows all of the unclaimed estates in the UK.
Treasure trove in Scotland is narrowly defined to cover precious items which have lain concealed, but this limited description has been overridden by and subsumed into the wider legal concept of bona vacantia (or ownerless goods) which covers objects that have been lost or hidden, with portable antiquities being a sub-group of bona vacantia.
Large businesses seeking to tidy up their corporate and legal structures by dissolving a number of non-trading companies, and small business owners where it is unclear whether they, or their company, own a property, are particularly vulnerable to bona vacantia and can easily end up losing control of a property," says Ms Mort.
The website is named after the term Bona Vacantia, which literally means vacant goods and is the legal name for owner-less property that passes to the Crown.
His demise came to our attention when a Richard Smith Wilkinson appeared on the Treasury's Bona Vacantia website,'' he said.
New unclaimed estates are advertised by the Bona Vacantia Division of the Treasury Solicitor on their website.