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These models are among the cheapest Bonanzas on the market these days, but we would counsel potential buyers to be cautious.
The H-model represents what Larry Ball in his book, The Incomparable Bonanzas, calls the beginning of a second generation of Bonanzas.
Bonanza brings an 11-game winning streak into its first state championship football game this afternoon.
Bonanza defeated Cascade Christian 28-25 seven weeks ago and went on to win the league title while the Challengers placed second.
The marketing focus changed, positioning the A36 more as a larger version of the other Bonanzas rather than as a utility airplane.
Those wanting one will have to look hard, because aero-batic Bonanzas are rather rare.
The 36 Bonanzas have a much longer CG range that the model 35 series, although not as long as its competitor, the Cessna 210.