bond of union

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The Army and Navy Stores are a bond of union between all who dwell between the river and St.
Trades and professions march together with scarcely a more real bond of union.
At that moment their fraternal bond of union was closer than ever, and when they parted, each to take the route agreed on, they turned back to utter affectionate expressions, which the echoes of the Dunes repeated.
These specialites in trade are of frequent occurrence in Paris, and form a pleasant bond of union between the buyer and seller, which gives a particular zest to this sort of commerce, and not unfrequently a particular value to goods.
The fact that the other clerks disliked them equally, because they belonged to a class a little higher than their own, was a bond of union.
Deserted by all of his color, Hawkeye returned to the spot where his sympathies led him, with a force that no ideal bond of union could destroy.
Twemlow had first known Veneering at his club, where Veneering then knew nobody but the man who made them known to one another, who seemed to be the most intimate friend he had in the world, and whom he had known two days--the bond of union between their souls, the nefarious conduct of the committee respecting the cookery of a fillet of veal, having been accidentally cemented at that date.
He was a hearty, full-blooded fellow, full of spirits and energy, the very opposite to me in most respects, but we had some subjects in common, and it was a bond of union when I found that he was as friendless as I.
But neither the UU Bond of Union nor the UU seven principles or values say any such thing.
Above all, she wanted nurses to keep in touch with one another, with the journal being a bond of union and means of communication.
In his book, Dupuis acknowledges that "the historical event of God's becoming flesh marks the deepest and most decisive engagement with humankind; it establishes with [humanity] a bond of union that can never be severed.