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It also formulates a lower cost, single-layer bonded coating that can contain an anti-wear agent such as PTFE.
One of the primary advantages to a predominately Western Bentonite bonded sand system is economics.
To get bonded atoms apart, "you need some form of energy, like heat or chemicals," he says.
This will be Intertech's sixth international conference on polymer bonded magnets.
These systems do not reach a temperature high enough to calcine the clay used with green sand and, therefore, are only suitable for organically bonded sands.
These systems must show excellent wettability on the substrates to be bonded, generate very uniform films and be absolutely free from contact-adhesion after thermal pretreatment, i.e., they shall have no tack.
Compared to the rubber layer to be bonded, this film thickness is relatively small.
Traditionally NBR has been bonded to metal using a single coat of solvent-borne adhesive.
After the polyurethane phase has cured (cross-linked), the treated particles are tenaciously bonded to the polyurethane.