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"Look at the assessments!" insisted Matt Dennis, a self-described "fireman, EMR, former navy veteran, father of eight, and bail bondsman." He spoke quickly and passionately.
Also complicating his life is his pending testimony in a murder trial of one of the men working for the bondsman. Naturally, Sligo's testimony is unwanted either by his erstwhile employer, or by the accused.
And it's the government, prodded along by a powerful bail lobby, that enables the industry's privileged position by providing a steady stream of clients, by protecting the industry's right to collect, and by unthinkingly setting bail amounts that leave defendants little choice but to finance their freedom with a bondsman.
Sir Trevor also meets bail bondsman Jon Foster, who often fears for his own safety, especially since it's legal to carry a gun.
Meanwhile bail bondsman Jon talks about his dangerous line of work, and the temptations of all those casinos.
Albans, the "Independence Day" actor argued unsuccessfully for lower bail, saying his legal woes were the fault of a bail bondsman who failed to notify him of a scheduled court appearance.
Readers will learn practical information and advice on such issues as: What to do if you're suddenly arrested; How to get through the booking and arraignment process; Why you should always carry a bail bondsman's card; The pros and cons of accepting a plea bargain; How to appeal a criminal conviction or civil judgment; How to salvage your life and rebuild your reputation; And a great many other things that can save your life as you know it today.
Her solution is to plan to double-cross everybody with the help of a bail bondsman who is in love with her.
"The lord relates himself mediately [sic] to the bondsman through a
A gambler, bondsman, hotel owner and operator, real estate broker and landlord, newspaper owner, and operator of liquor-and-vice-related businesses, he was at one time the third wealthiest black person in Illinois, and for a day the nominee for President of the United States on the National Negro Liberty Party ticket in 1904.
II you don't have that much cash, you have two choices: sit in jail and wait for your trial, or hire a bail bondsman. To the bondsman you pay a nonrefundable fee--usually 10 percent of the bail--and he promises the court that you will show up for trial.
He sat in a front row of the courtroom with his girlfriend while waiting for a bondsman to post his $30,000 bail.