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Brom Bones, too, who, shortly after his rival's disappearance conducted the blooming Katrina in triumph to the altar, was observed to look exceedingly knowing whenever the story of Ichabod was related, and always burst into a hearty laugh at the mention of the pumpkin; which led some to suspect that he knew more about the matter than he chose to tell.
He thought I had been kind to him, and said to a fellow-student of mine, 'Tell the Doctor I lave him me bones, for I've nothing else in the wide world, and I'll nos be wanting 'em at all, at all, when the great pain hat kilt me entirely.
We have no more reason to believe in such a relation, than we have to believe that the same bones in the hand of a man, wing of a bat, and fin of a porpoise, are related to similar conditions of life.
Bone lead as a biological marker in epidemiologic studies of chronic toxicity: conceptual paradigms.
Bone: The Great Cow Race is a re-issue (in color) of the second volume of Jeff Smith's beloved Bone series, a fantasy epic spanning nine volumes.
The subjects with a family history of degenerative knee arthritis were found to have more bone area in the medial tibial region near the knee joint.
The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that women get a bone density test at age 65, or earlier if she has other risk factors at menopause.
Osteoporosis is a crippling condition that of ten results in premature mortality and significant morbidity that is manifested in the form of fractures, bone deformity, and pain (Krall & Dawson-Hughes, 1999).
Gore's doctor said that parts of her skeleton resembled Swiss cheese more than solid bone, putting her at risk for additional fractures, which, depending on the extent of her disease, could come from a simple action such as pushing open a heavy door.
already have osteoporosis while another 34 million are at risk for developing it because they have low bone mass, known as osteopenia.
Three miles out, at the foot of a 15-m (50-ft) cliff, she spies dark brown fragments of fossilized bone amid gray mudstone (rock made of mud or silt) and yellowish sandstone (rock made of sand).
In an inherited condition called achondroplasia, defective bone formation results in abnormally short and thickened pedicles that reduce the diameter of (distance across) the spinal canal.