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Cervical vertebral bone age for girls = 0.5052 + 0.7696xChronologic age (years) + 0.01028xC3_H + 0.4685xC4_H
Baseline age, bone age and FFM were not different between rhythmic gymnasts and untrained controls, and increased similarly after the 3-year study period (Table 1).
Although, assessment of bone age is possible from many bones in the body such as elbow, pelvic, clavicle, foot, shoulder, or ankle, however, the high costs, long interoperation, and the risk of exposure to radiographs show that this is neither suitable nor practical for researchers to use for BAA [33].
Studies associating LCP with delayed bone age and low birth weight have been confounded by factors, such as socioeconomic status, smoking, and steroid use in premature infants.
An 8-year-old boy presented to paediatric endocrinology with short stature, delayed bone age and biochemical features suggestive of hypopituitarism.
Prediction of adult height from height, bone age, and occurrence of menarche, at ages 4 to 16 with allowance for mid parent height.
Radiograms were used for bone age assessment, afterwards they were scanned and corrected (because of background luminosity).
RESULTS: Jane's scan showed spinal osteopenia ALEKSANDRA'S STATS Bone age: 30 Actual age: 40 Fracture risk: Low ANGIE'S STATS Bone age: 70 Actual age: 63 Fracture risk: Medium JANE'S STATS Bone age: 80 Actual age: 66 Fracture risk: High MARY'S STATS Bone age: 60 Actual age: 52 Fracture risk: Low to medium
Bone age was determined by same pediatric endocrinologist using a left-wrist radiograph and was assessed according to the method of Greulich and Pyle (13).
Mohan, however, said filing a chargesheet against the sixth accused, who is a minor, would take some time as the court concerned would first go through the bone age report and other related documents.